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I was in my studio making a batch of cupcake and cup o’ joe pincushions to ship out, when I came upon a variation. I put the “whipped cream” from the java on the cupcake, just to see what it looked like. I liked where this was going!

So I whipped up a domed version with a little floral embellishment and a bow. What do you think? As always, my cupcakes are made with the finest preloved woolie ingredients!

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  • Lady Diana

    Those cupcakes look so yummy!

  • Anabel

    My fav?All!!:-)

  • cruststation

    These cupcakes are beautiful, you are so talented!

  • Vintage Collage & Quilts

    Oh my gosh! Arent’t these just the cutest ever.

    Pincushin Collector Sandy

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