promo packaging

I’ve been trying to come up with creative ways to do a some PR packaging. I’m all about cheap and cheerful! I thought this bakery style cake box would make a nice little presentation [...]

sheer felty goodness

Remember my needle felting tutorial from last week? Here’s another technique I’ve been experimenting with. Recently I was asked if I could create a window covering that would have the [...]

now and then

I wasn’t intending to post more photos from my 60’s craft book this week…atleast not until my visit to Print & Pattern. I am completely addicted to this blog! Always full of [...]

60’s craftin’ fun

We have a last stop shop for unwanted items in my town, the Dig & Save. Stuff that doesn’t sell at the thrift store goes to the Dig & Save to be sold in bulk for dirt cheap. $1 a [...]


Head on over to the Pincushion Challenge for a fresh batch of flower-themed pincushions. I chose needle felting again for my entry as a follow-up to the Pin-apple Pineapple . I was over-ambitious [...]

Thank YOU!

Great news! I just received Style Bakery’s 2006 “On the Rise” Award, Reader’s Choice for best emerging gift designer! Thanks to all of you for your support and your votes. [...]