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Since it’s now officially spring and bunny season is upon us, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite bunnies…

This little Peter Rabbit is from an old children’s book illustrated by Fern Bisel Peat from the 1930’s. I used to have it hanging in my son’s nursery but now I have it here in my studio.

I’ve always liked rabbits and collected them when I was younger. I guess my collection has waned over the years, but I think I am having a renewed interest!

Speaking of bunnies, thank you for the wonderful response to my cashmere bunny tutorial. I’m thrilled that people think they are as cute as I do! Since I posted how to make them I have seen more and more bunnies hopping and popping up almost everywhere I look! :)

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  • macati

    oh, my god, look what you’ve done… they are multiplying… :) they are so sweet… thank you for sharing…
    bye, manela

  • cruststation

    Oh yes, bunnies have a way of multiplying :) I love your old Peter Rabbit illustration, it looks like a well fed version rather than the usual one we normally see (I love the background fabric so much too).

  • Rid

    Hello Betz, I’ve tried your bunny tutorial, and…my first felt bunny! It will be a present for my friend’s son. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  • Jenni-Raie

    look at that fabric… what am i going to do but squeal with jealousy!!!

  • Morgan

    Loved the tutorial and all your sweet bunnies!

  • AmeliaB

    I love the Peter Rabbit. Also the tiny metal rabbit is just darling.


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