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As my new friend Susan B. Anderson would say…Guess who won the battle with the manuscript? That would be me! Whew…Friday was my BIG manuscript deadline for Warm Fuzzies. I’ve got everything written and just a few little straggler details to wrap up this week. I celebrated with a half of glass of wine (no really, we ran out…) Friday night followed by house cleaning Saturday. I know. I’m pathetic. But you don’t understand. When you work at home and your “workplace” is squalid, a quick spiff up can do wonders for your outlook!

With all of the book writing I hadn’t had too much playing-with-felt time. So, I spent a little time this weekend working on my felty eggs for Easter.

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  • Brandy

    Beee-youtiful eggs!! By the way, I love that fabric featured in your post!

  • cristina

    job well done!! i’m sure it feels great…i would give you that 2nd half of glass of wine if i could:)

  • susan b anderson

    Yay for Betz! Phew! You can use my line anytime. Love the eggs and the bunnies.

  • peaknits

    Yum! These eggs look good enough to eat! I need to learn this needle felting – amazing! Another winner!

  • kristina

    Yay for the manuscript! LOVE that beautiful basket of felty goodness. It makes me smile! :)

  • Mama Urchin

    The eggs look fabulous. Congrats on completing this stage of the book.

  • Kari

    Lovely as usual, and get more wine, woman! You definately deserve a whole glass! LOL

    I can’t wait for the book! :)

  • cruststation

    Congrats on finishing your manuscript! You deserve a celebration, I love those felted eggs.

  • kristin

    the colors of the eggs are dazzling!! and congratulations on the book!!

    i had high hopes of taking your class at the end of the month…but alas, :( i cannot get my sewing machine to cooperate with me. hopefully there will be a next time?

  • charlotte

    Love your beautiful work and congratulations on the book! I have a felty project on my blog today that you might like. Stop by and visit.

  • Thimbleanna

    The eggs are adorable — are they in the book??? I can’t wait for the book — can you pre-order it from Amazon yet? LOL

  • Heidi

    Congratulations! Hope you get that second half glass of wine soon.

  • Heidi

    Glad your going to make your deadline. Love the eggs!

  • Miss Sassy

    Dang those eggs are darling.

  • melissa deakin

    congrats on finishing the manuscript!
    sigh…i wish i had a clue how to do all of this…i am so looking forward to your book coming out!


    i am very happy for you!!!have a good day and look in and in where they write about you and me too…

  • Rhonda

    (a friend sent me a link to your blog) Oh I love your Easter eggs! My new love is needle felting … and yours is so cute!!

  • gray la gran

    congratulations with the completion of your manuscript! (wow, that’s a lot of BIG words!)
    now, for running out of wine … it’s one of those things that you keep in the pantry for back up … like, black beans, toilet paper, scotch tape, garbage bags, etc :)

  • heidi

    those are fabulous eggs – what fun!

  • [email protected]

    Ooo, what gorgeous little eggies. And such delicious sugary colours. Spring in a basket!

    [email protected] xxxxx

  • Robert

    Hi! Beautiful blog. I really like your work.

    Regards ;0)


  • pedalpower

    oooo, so pretty! And proof that wool can look springy!

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