this bag is not a toy

Every time I come home from a store with my purchase in a plastic bag it bums me out. Ack! How did I end up with another plastic bag…I hate them! There are just too many of them in the [...]

kit wip

All kinds of craziness going on here. I flew out to MD for the weekend to house hunt with my husband. All I can say is buying and selling houses is not my idea of fun. Glad I’m not in the [...]


As you regular visitors know, I recently updated my blog with a new “template”. I knew there would be some minor glitches and a few rough edges that would need smoothing. Jiminy [...]

unrequited love

Do you all know the young and sassy shop Fred Flare? What a fun website. This time of year they have a contest followed by a “big reveal” of their top pics for the best indie [...]

author review

This is what my drawing table looked like today. I’m in the midst of my first “author review” of the book manuscript. Corrections in red, pink stickie notes for things to double [...]


oh boy…the cat’s out of the bag. I mentioned here that we are moving our little family across the country this summer. More specifically, from Wisconsin to Maryland. We just told our [...]

friday felt flowers

A few posts back I showed you my recent experimentation with felty flowers. I did a little web research and found these beauties from Danielle Gori-Montanelli. Aren’t they gorgeous!? I love [...]