story of my (knitting) life

One of the other favorite things I like to do on vacation is knit. I rarely find the time most evenings at home. My mom and two sister-in-laws have all become knitters over the past few years. In [...]

pssst…it’s me!

shhh….I’m back from vacation but don’t tell anyone. We had a wonderful time pretending that our lives aren’t about to be turned upside down by our impending move next [...]

I’m off…

I’m off to where the sand meets the water and the water meets the sky. Where cousins reunite to chase each other up and down the beach and their sibling parents recall when it was them. I [...]

by the seat of my pants

Ok, so here’s me, packing boxes for our upcoming move: Bring boxes in from the garage, carry upstairs to the bedroom. Need a Sharpie, go down to the kitchen, get one, go back upstairs. Pack [...]

bag this

Hope you all had a happy 4th of July! We spent most of the week packing for our move. Phooey…purging and packing. It’s amazing how much one can accumulate. Especially when you are [...]

the power of Liz

I realize it’s been almost a week since Liz Claiborne passed away, but sometimes it takes a little time for these things to soak in. Back in design school in the late 80’s I completed [...]