Heart Felted Scarf

Hey! Be sure to check out The Martha Show on Thursday, January 31st. I can’t wait to watch Martha make my Heart Felted Scarf project and hopefully give a shout out for my book! Visit the [...]

pom sunday

Ideas are interesting little creatures. Sometimes they shine down on you like a ray of bright light. Other times they are just a flicker, barely noticeable…and so easy to ignore. A long [...]

just for fun

Ok, I’m not really into the “meme” thing (in fact, I don’t even really know what that means…) but i think I might be starting one. This was spurred on by a few [...]

:: perspective ::

Trying to keep it together here after an emotionally weird few weeks. Nothing over-the-top, or too much to handle, but weird enough to mess with me. The gamut ran from copyright violations to odd [...]


I just have to make piles. I need to look at things for while before I can make decisions. I throw stuff in a heap and walk by it 20 times a day. Sometimes I stop and look at the pile. Sometimes [...]

howdy, partner!

Allow me to introduce my new business partner. She’s Bernie. Bernie’s my new Bernina. Yes, since 1985 I’ve been working with my old reliable White workhorse. That machine [...]

in the wild

(warning: poor cell phone photo quality due to lack of real camera on hand) It’s so surreal. I can’t explain it well, but having a book published is like an out of body experience. [...]

cut the drama

Ok, so do you remember our last tooth fairy incident? Tears over teeth gone by, the internal struggle of a child and his desire to have his cake and eat it too…or in his case, keep his [...]

tubey doobie doo

Meet “Tubey” a sweater design I just finished from Knitty.com I finally managed to get this sweater off my needles after 18 months of knitting spurts! (I think I need to tackle [...]

cutest hat ever

Is this the cutest hat ever? I love it. It was a little Christmas present to myself. I found it on etsy, handmade by tomokotahara. I typically like the look of knitted things vs. crochet, but [...]