our weekend…DC

Few words today (I’m saving them for this)…mostly pics Cherry Blossom season began in DC. We endured the crowded metro to go into the city for some flowers and art. Sunny day! Boys [...]


Oooh, some signs of spring. Pretty daffs…a surprise in our new front yard. I mentioned the kids being home on Spring Break this week…we’ve had a good time with the ideas on [...]

in hot water

Hot water for boiling eggs. (We made these using the “silk tie” method as shown on Martha. It was fun, I think we might try it again next year.) Hot water wash for felting (fulling) [...]

Happy Easter, 1967

I dug out my “baby book” to find these old and rather faded Easter photos from 1967. Yes, that’s little betsy-boop (um, me) in the footie pjs on Easter morning. I love [...]

in the mood

I thought I’d squeeze in a blog post here before I head out of town. I am going to upstate NY for a few days to attend part of the photo shoot for my next book. I know, I know, I keep [...]

this just in

Howdy, hey…just a quick post to say I’ve got fresh book restock on Warm Fuzzies in my etsy shop! It was on back order from the warehouse for a bit but now we’re back in action. [...]


Do you know about “pounce“? It’s a fun little search feature on etsy. A little like Stumble, but more dangerous to one’s paypal account. (go to etsy.com and look in the [...]