what’s next

Our first spring in our Maryland home brings surprises: first yellow, then purple, and now pink. I wonder what’s next… Our little bird family has gotten too big for the nest. I took [...]

wanted: summer top

Now that Memorial Day has kicked off summertime, I am feeling the need for some new summer tops. (I’ll apologize in advance for the whining I’m sure you’ll read in this space, [...]

felted seam technique

Hello, Felt-sters! I have for you today a quick technique tutorial. I received this tool a few months ago at CHA from the lovely people at Clover. It works pretty much like the other tool I use, [...]


Went to a few yard sales over the weekend…it has become an annual family hobby, we all love it. It’s funny how other people’s stuff can make you reminisce and notice the passage [...]

studio tour

On occasion, readers have asked what my studio looks like. I hesitate to show it because: #1: It’s usually a complete disaster #2: It’s not “pretty” It doesn’t have [...]

happy mother’s day

To my wonderful mother, all of you great moms out there, and to the little purple finch mama that put her nest between our house and the front porch light! Have a great day!

looking for normal

Well, my dear bloggy friends, May 1st has come and gone. May 1st was my big fat manuscript deadline for book #2. I wish I could say how relieved I am and how much lighter I feel with the weight [...]

from me to me

This past week I totally lucked out and caught wind of new stock available from yarntini. Ever since Susan introduced me to this yarn I have been dying to get my hands on some. This stuff gets [...]