ban the bobble

Ban the road-trip-sleepy-kid-head-bobble, that is! Is that painful to watch or what? Your booster seat aged kid finally takes a schnoozer during the family road trip only to bobble themselves [...]


That’s what we say everytime (almost) we pull into the driveway after being away, “Home again home again, jiggety jig.” I’ve got a few days of sorting to do…sorting [...]

postcard from the past

Vacation time!…same place as last year and almost every summer of my life. (As seen here in 1967…probably the last time I was able to get away with wearing a bikini!) I have such fond [...]


I have some strange collection habits. It started last year when I began working on projects for my second book, Sewing Green. I wanted to design a handful of projects using non-fabric materials, [...]

up shopdate

I mean shop update July 6th… This is it for July…between my upcoming vacation and a ga-zillion other things. Next update will be sometime in mid-August!

hoop it up!

You may have seen the beautiful Swatch Portraits posted on the Purl Bee from last year. So pretty, Liberty fabrics framed in embroidery hoops and displayed on the wall. I bought some wooden hoops [...]

etsy love

A few weeks ago I bought this adorable felt camera case on etsy. It’s made by Hine and her workmanship is impeccable! I had spied her artwork on Flickr a while back then ran across it again [...]