Bah Tum-bug!

To call it a “tummy-bug” hardly does it justice. It sounds way too cute for the havoc that it wreaked. Imagine the scene. Twelve family members together in one home for Christmas, [...]

Merry Christmas!

This little bird and nest is the ornament my parents bought for my very first Christmas a gazillion years ago. (Bet you didn’t know I was a gazillion…) Today we’re flying the [...]

way back in WI (2005)

So much of the country is getting walloped with snow! All we’re getting here is rain rain rain. I started reminiscing about a great snowfall we got back when we lived in Wisconsin in 2005 [...]

wait…there’s more

Well, little Gingerbread Boy and Gingersnap Dog are feeling very loved and welcomed by all! Thanks for your kind words and ornament pattern orders. I’m digging the ease of filling orders [...]

hoopie the snowman

Hey, I got a new little friend to add to my never-ending felted holiday decor. I’ve had this idea ever since I scored a bunch of embroidery hoops at the thrift store. I took a wool [...]

cloud nine

My first born is 9 years old today! Halfway to 18, how can it be? Such a mix of big kid/little kid. I tease him that he is like a big dog that thinks he’s still a puppy. Each afternoon when [...]


Nothing gets me in the holiday groove better than being around my kids. Their excitement is like a low level vibration that can be felt all through the house. Well, sometimes it’s not so [...]