have a heart

Everything’s turning up hearts, have you noticed? Valentine’s Day is just 2 weeks away! I thought I’d haul out some goodies (albeit oldies) for you. First up, my heart scarf [...]

"More Stuff" Monday

Another week, another shop update…that has to be a record for me! I gave it some thought and decided to offer the Cupcake Tape Measure design as a PDF pattern. As you may have noticed, the [...]

Sew Hip-Hooray!

I finally got my copy of Sew Hip! Sew Hip is a new UK sewing magazine that I’ve been involved with recently. This issue #2 and it has an interview in it with *yours truly* plus Heidi Kenney [...]

at your service

There’s a fence alongside a busy road near us. On one side of the fence is a picturesque field and farmhouse. On the road side of the fence is a bunch of little trees and bushes and a [...]

Special Shop Update!

Just a quick shout today about my newly updated etsy shop! I’m so happy to present a new sewing pattern PDF for the Lil’ Sweetheart Purse. I had so much fun making these and I hope [...]

work in progress

Busy working away on things for my shop update on Monday 1/19/09! Some favorites along with some new ideas. :) Thank you to Sarah, Cindy and Carrie! All three gave me blog awards this week, [...]

glue gun fun

After gettin’ jiggy with the glue gun last week, nothing around here is safe from being ribbon-ized or trim-ificated. How ’bout clothes pins?! I’ve mentioned this before, but I [...]