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I’m feeling a little scrambled these days. With Sewing Green coming out soon, I’m planning workshops, signing events, even an upcoming blog tour. I’m writing up a newsletter to let everyone one know When-Where-What. (By the way, if you want to subscribe to my e-Newsletter, sign up in the little white box on my website homepage) I’m anxious to get it out there but I’m waiting on some last minute information. Back and forth in my mind, over and over, what to do first. Chicken and egg…

I love this little glass chicken. She belonged to my Grandmother. And what’s there…little chocolate eggs? Mmmm, she’s a good little chicken.
I start buying Easter candy as soon as I see it, it’s just my favorite. The colors of Easter, the promise of spring. A few times in my life Easter has fallen on my birthday. As a child I thought a real bunny would be the perfect easter-birthday gift, but it never worked out. :)

Next best thing? How ’bout this sweet little cashmere bunny? An oldie, a goodie, and a freebie! Take a look over in the sidebar. Ol’ long ears looks great hanging out with the stuffed birdie, don’t you think? They’d make a great match for somebody’s easter basket. Or birthday gift. :)

I leave you now with a little treat I discovered via soulemama. This is a bit of creative inspiration for you about art itself. I just love it.


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  • Dotty

    They are both so cute!!

  • A

    I love Easter candy too! And those particular chocolate eggs are MY FAVORITE!

    Great video post! Very inspiring :)

  • giddygoat

    My mom has a glass chicken as well. Last weekend the whole family was in a big debate on it’s intended purpose. Mother says her mother served hard boiled eggs in them?? Everyone else laughed at her and voted candy dish. We turned to google for answers. We were right. ;)

  • blair

    Betz, I got your comment needing recommendations for Boomerang episodes, every time I try to reply to your comments they come right back to me for some reason. Anyway, I’m going to do a post about that on Boomerang soon, so I’ll point you there. xo

  • Whosies

    love the little video. it is intersting that even with a few books out there you still fill that way. i guess we are all in it together, including out feelings of sharing our art with others. thanks for sharing :)

  • Mindful Momma

    Sweet video – I especially love the music! And I know exactly what kind of Easter candy that is – my favorite!

  • PettyVices

    Thanks so much for posting this video; I love it!

  • Genevieve Gail

    What a great video! Thanks for sharing!

  • aneela

    What woolly bunny and chick heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lo


  • Teresa

    That is great! Thanks for sharing.

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