Blog Tour winds down…

Today is the last day of my trek around the neighborhoods of Blogland. I’d love to hear if any of you followed along and what you thought of the Blog Tour. Today’s last visit is with [...]

New Kits!

My felted wool bird nest brooches were such a hit at my recent workshops, that I decided to offer some kits in my etsy shop. Too sweet! Each kit has enough materials to make 2 nest brooches. Make [...]

Spool days

I just got back from my quick trip to Philly to visit the little shop of Spool. What a beautiful shop! I wish you could see this window in person. It was made up so nicely with Sewing Green and [...]

here I go again

The boys were sad this morning that I’m off again on another trip. :( (I’m a little sniff-ish about myself) This one’s short though, just overnight. I’m heading to Spool [...]

catching my breath

Hey, didya miss me? I’m finally home, safe and sound, from my journey up the eastern corridor to the City of New York. I took the train and boy was that a treat. Way better than flying, in [...]

Thank you, Raleigh!

While I am still on my “Blog Tour“, I am physically home safe and sound after a fabulous trip to Raleigh, NC. On Saturday I taught my MYOB (Make Your Own Bag) workshop combined with [...]

Announcing: My Blog Tour!

I’m going on a month long Blog Tour! Starting today I will be packing my virtual backpack for a hike around the world wide web. The following is a list of dates, events and topics being [...]

Hey, Bud…

So good to see you! Keep it comin’ springtime… one bud deserves another… and definitely the more the merrier! We’re heading south tomorrow for Raleigh NC! I’m hoping [...]