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Visit me today over at Knotions where I talk about Thrift Shop Savvy: In Search of Sweaters! Also there’s another (!) chance to win a copy of Sewing Green!

I’ve been so preoccupied with book-blah-blah and kids home for Spring Break that I haven’t even decorated yet for Easter. I made these little needle felted eggs a while back, so bright and cheery! Tomorrow’s my birthday so I think we’ll do some family egg dying (with silk ties, like last year!) and maybe catch a movie.

What else should I do on my birthday? My mother says I should spurge on a pair of new shoes. :)

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  • Lisa

    Oooh, those eggs are gorgeous!

  • amy

    My birthday is next week and I’m treating myself to a facial. Ahh. I love those. :o)

    These eggs are beautiful! I should make some for my house!


  • marie

    This basket display is so pretty, it made me smile!
    Thank you for sending my PDF files for the cupcake tape measure and bird coin purse so quickly. I’m also looking forward to receiving my new “Sewing Green” book.

    Thank you for so many wonderful ideas….now if only I had more hours in my day!

  • LindaSonia

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

    Happy Birthday! New shooooesss…. always a lovely treat.

    The eggs are adorable. We too are silk dyeing eggs tomorrow, our first time, and can’t wait to see how they turn out.

    Enjoy your day, no matter how you spend it.

  • Shy

    You should always listen to your mother! Love the festive eggs. Have a happy and healthy birthday.

  • Rachel Carlson

    best wishes for a FANTASTIC bday betz and happy weekend! ♥ and hugs, rachel

  • Cicada Studio

    New shoes, new clothes, a pedicure, a massage, a fine dinner… I’m certain you will have the perfect day. You are so on a roll these days all good things should be coming your way. Hope you can disconnect to enjoy the downtime of your birthday then Easter. I’ll be thinking of ya. Happy birthday, Betz!!

  • restitcherator

    Oh yes. Shoes are always a good idea. Happy early Birthday!

  • kristina proffitt

    Have a wonderful birthday Betz and a blessed Easter, too! LOVE those eggs! Too cute! :)

  • rileyranch

    Happy Birthday & Happy Easter!

  • Svetta

    Happy Birthday!
    Wishes of new creative ideas!

  • dottyspots

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

  • Karen L.

    Absolutely beautiful Easter Basket!! The colors say “Spring” and I love the texture! And a very Happy Birthday to you, also. May you have some relaxing time to just enjoy the new number that you are experiencing, hahaha. I really love what you do with all the recycled stuff. It has made me think differently about everything I see.

  • Cheryl

    I love the eggs! And the bird behind them too! I just purchased a felting tool, and it’s on my list of things to learn! Thanks!

  • Sharon

    Happy birthday! When my mother tells me to splurge on a pair of new shoes it’s because SHE thinks I NEED them, not because it’s what I want … hopefully your mom is more generous than that :-). If new birthday shoes will make you smile … well have at them … if not choose your own fun.

  • theknittingcowgirl

    Happy birthday Betz!! And happy easter too. I hope you have a great day with your family!

  • Alexandra


  • Pattern and Perspective

    People like you amaze me, because I try to be crafty but I think time is an issue. I am too busy working full time and picking up afterone else. I have been ordereding a few crafty books, yours is next on the list (unless I win one).

  • Jennie

    Happy Birthda Betz! Those eggs are so pretty. My birthday is 4/11 too! I went to Disneyland…free on your BDay. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

    Jennie from L.A.

  • woollywotnots

    Your photo is gorgeous. I love the bright colours. The eggs and basket are beautiful

  • Babelfish

    The felted eggs are adorable, happy belated birthday! (hope you got those shoes)

  • SANAGRILLIA / ariabijoux

    wao! beautiful eggs!

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