This morning I headed out to the post office to ship some orders. I used my roomie Beach Bag from Sewing Green to corral all of my packages. It’s made from a set of 4 placemats I found at the thrift store. This version also uses one of my favorite things for bag handles: Karate belts!

Why do I love karate belts so much? They are cheap, come in lots of colors, they are nicely made and evenly stitched, and they are padded! I find a lot of them at the thrift store for 50 cents to a buck a piece. This one was long enough make both handles and go all the way around the bottom of the bag, about 104″ long.

Tonight I am packing another bag: my suitcase. I am flying out tomorrow afternoon to shoot two craft segments for the TV show “Cultivating Life” on WGN America. I’m pretty excited about it because one of the projects I will be showing is made from my new organic fabric! (The teeny tiny bummer: the show doesn’t air until next summer!) Meanwhile…I’m trying not to think about the actual TV camera part. Eeeps. Hopefully the whole trip will be one exciting whirlwind and I’ll be back to tell you about it later this week!

Speaking of my fabric, thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement! It really means so much to me.