for butterflies

Who gets more butterflies in their stomachs on the first day of school, parents or kids? I waffle back and forth between feeling/acting like the beginning of the school year is a big deal and [...]

tote tricks

So, are canvas totes the new T-shirt or what? You know, as a promotional tool. Go to an event, come home with a canvas tote. I’m sure you have acquired a bunch like I have. I use them for [...]

the unwished wish

Did you ever have a wish come true before you wished it? I had one of those on Saturday. Baseball started for my 9 year old son. I watched him in the field, learning to throw, catch and hit. And [...]

zipping along

What is it about little zippered pouches? I can never have enough of them! It must be my desire to compartmentalize and organize small amounts of stuff. A sewing kit, knitting tools, art [...]

makin’ rainbows

I spent the better part of the weekend sorting, de-cluttering and purging STUFF. School will be upon us in 2 weeks and I’ve got to get a handle on this household! Aside from the general [...]

it’s nice to share

With the kids home all summer we’ve been having a lot of discussions about what it means to share. Apparently it’s a lesson that requires continual reinforcement. I could go into how [...]

looking forward

Bleh. It’s super hot outside today. The kids and I are holed up in the A/C trying to stay entertained and cool. In an effort to look forward to the cooler months, I thought I’d share [...]