Halloween 1977

In 1977, Star Wars changed everything. It feels ironic that 32 years after my brothers and I dressed as the Star Wars trio you see above, my own sons are poised to be Anakin Skywaker and Jango [...]

You Asked For It!

Due to your requests, I’ve decided to squeeze in an encore session of my Felt and Stitch Holiday Workshop! Announcing my Online Workshop: Felt + Stitch Holiday II November 9 – December 4 [...]

me and the boys

Lately I’ve been feeling very sentimental about my boys. They are biggering and bettering every day. While I am loving each and every stage of their lives, I find myself replaying my baby [...]

Indian Summer

Autumn. The sky shifts, the air becomes crisp, the leaves burst with color. Familiar landscapes are cast in new light. Everything feels refreshed. Inspired by the season, I’ve recast the [...]

Yay! and Boo!

Thanks to all who entered the give-away for a spot in my online workshop. Let’s hear a big YAY! for Christine who was randomly chosen as the lucky winner! I will be emailing her details [...]