Last week was a not-so-good week for me. Nothing tragic, mind you. Just things like major car repairs, intellectual property theft and a big fat dose of heart-breaking rejection. That hurt.

Now, I know that in life, happiness can often be determined by how you look at a situation. Finding the silver lining. Looking on the bright side. Being able to put a positive spin on things can serve you well. But man, it is not easy. Yesterday, when I was feeling particularly low, I listened to my friend Marisa’s podcast on dealing with adversity. She’s a smart cookie, that one. I do believe that everything that has happened in my life, good along with the bad, has lead me to be the person that I am today. And I like me. So does that mean that those “bad things” were actually good because they made me me? Does hardship make you “better”? Does suffering a loss make the next loss easier to take?

People say “Everything happens for a reason”. I don’t know if I believe that. What about senseless crime? And cancer? For some things in life, there are no reasons. And that is difficult to swallow.

My worries are minimal, in the grand scheme. Today I am counting my blessings, for certainly I have many. My goal is to remember to be good to myself. Why do I have to remind myself? I don’t know. But I need to be good to me.

You be good to you too, ok?