message from Santa

I was looking for some vintage photos from my Christmas Past when I stumbled upon this Santagram from Western Union, dated 1970. It’s one of my favorite things tucked away in the baby book [...]

fast and felty

This past weekend was so busy that I am still coping with the aftermath (crazy messy studio, neglected laundry pile, old mother hubbard cupboards and the like). Without further ado, let me share [...]

Holiday Hints: Home

With the arrival of our first snowfall of the season, I was inspired to bring you another edition of Holiday Hints for Homemade Gifts: Home. Winter is here, time to hunker down and settle in! The [...]

join me this weekend!

Well, the felt lint has been flying here at the BW HQ in preparation for the Holiday Heap Show in Baltimore, Maryland. Come by and see me tomorrow, December 5th! I’ve been *making* like [...]

crafty ornamenting

I took a little break from my craft show prep to make a fun little ornament out of my Indian Summer fabric. This is the Vintage Treasure Ornament by Kayte Terry from the ebook Crafty Tree [...]