how do you doodle?

Over the last week or so, several blogger/designers have been posting about their design process, giving a little behind-the-scenes look into how their work comes to be. I always love those types [...]

new neighbors

It started on Christmas morning, the same week as our first big snowfall this winter. A few deer found a safe little haven under some bent pine tree branches at the edge of the park behind our [...]

The Drift Scarf

I finished my scarf! (And yes, we are in the midst of another blizzard as I type this! Currently the park behind me in this photo has all but disappeared in a white-out of 25 MPH wind and snow) [...]


Whoa. What a winter weekend. Even after having grown up in the Midwest and living a large part of my adult life in Wisconsin, I have never seen this much snow in one fell swoop. The DC metro area [...]