April Fool’s Eve

I’ve always loved the month of April. It’s my birthday month, it’s the beginning of Spring, there’s Easter to celebrate…and let’s not forget, April Fools Day! [...]

goodies (albeit oldies)

With just over a week until Easter, I thought I would revive a few ideas from the past. Hopefully this will remind regular readers and inform new friends of some of my sweet felty projects to [...]

visualizing Vera

At the suggestion of a friend, I took down the heavy curtains I had hanging from my studio window. And then there was light! Wonderful airiness and space opened up. (I was reminded of a [...]

spring momentum

The word spring is full of implied movement and momentum. Things are happening. The flowers are blooming, the birds are busy, the world is waking up from winter. I spent the better part of the [...]

more color

I’m playing with cashmere today. I dumped out my cashmere scrap bin that I’ve been contributing to for the last few years. After making scarves and bunnies and hats and throws, the [...]

pussy willow rainbow

I’ve always loved pussy willow branches and think of them as a hopeful sign that spring is on its way. With the big snow piles finally melting, I went out to gather some sticks with the [...]


The colorful result of my thrift store visit:a stack of wool sweaters, ready to felt a bowlful of sorbet cashmere sweaters and that bowl a sunshine-y pyrex bowl with daisies on it! now [...]