At the suggestion of a friend, I took down the heavy curtains I had hanging from my studio window.

And then there was light!

Wonderful airiness and space opened up. (I was reminded of a conversation with my husband early in our marriage about curtains. Something about the illogical nature of covering a window with curtains.) I’m not one to do much home decorating, but occasionally I get a wild hair to add a little something here and there. Especially when it comes to boring mini-blinded windows…

Pillowcase valance anyone? When I cleaned out my fabric closet this weekend, I rediscovered my pillow case stash. You know I love to repurpose pillow cases. And without any curtains the naked mini-blind window was just begging for a little sumthin sumthin. I started draping my favorite vintage pillow cases over the bare curtain rod, just to see. These two pillow cases are vintage Vera. Textile designer Vera Neumann had the most wonderfully prolific career and I am so drawn to her work. I even found a fabulous Flickr group dedicated to her prints!

For now… the pillow cases are just clothes pinned in place while I visualize my Vera valance. Hmm, feels like a breath of fresh air.