I’ll tell you a story

Once upon a time, deep in the forest, there sprouted a Tiny Toadstool. He wasn’t your average toadstool because he had a secret. One day Tiny Toadstool was feeling lonely, so he told his [...]

where do I begin?

How can I sum up the 3 crazy, fun, exciting days of my first Quilt Market? I decided to borrow Patty Young’s photo below to help organize my thoughts. photo via Patty Young Patty Young, [...]

chickens come first

Well, I’m back…more or less. I have to admit, I had a tough re-entry for no other reason than pure exhaustion. Quilt Market was busy and fun and all around enjoyable! I still need a [...]

a win sure

One day when our oldest son was a toddler, he proclaimed that he wanted a “win sure”. We scratched our heads, “Did he say wincher?”. “Wind shirt?” As adorable [...]

Summer Duet

My Nirvana buddy Laura Nelkin has the most exciting project to share with you! This gorgeous Summer Duet top, combining two of her loves: crochet and sewing! I had the pleasure of meeting Laura, [...]

:: birdsong ::

I’ve designed a fresh new print for you… birdsong :: celery birdsong :: clementine birdsong :: blue sky All 3 colorways of birdsong are printed on a blend of hemp and 100% organic [...]

bird in the house

I hope you all had the most wonderful weekend, I sure did! I had the pleasure of teaching a special Felted Birdhouse workshop on Saturday at the Columbia Firehouse restaurant (via Fibre Space) in [...]

Best Day Ever

Wedding Day, May 6, 1995, at Amicalola State Park Fifteen years ago I married my sweetheart! Time sure flies when you are having a good time, doesn’t it?


I’d like to report that I survived my live radio interview. I actually had a really good time! I knew I would, I just get all wound up beforehand thinking about it. If you missed it Sunday [...]