costume creep

In the midst of my scurry to get everything done for Quilt Market, there is costume making. We love Halloween around here and I’m afraid we have created monsters (in more ways than one!) [...]

crunch time

Hey. I’m just peeking in here to tell you that this week is officially *crunch time*. My online workshop Felt & Stitch Holiday started today, so I am spending some time over at the [...]

unexpected beauty

Earlier this week I went on a crisp morning bike ride. I brought my camera along, hoping to capture some images of autumn. What’s this? A big pink rose. Growing along a fence, reaching up [...]

deep forest

I love woodsy stuff…moss and lichen, ferns, old tree bark, acorns and fallen leaves. My new Coquille shawl reminds me exactly of those things. I finished knitting it just a few days ago. If [...]

pine cone popularity

Many thanks to all who entered my Felt & Stitch Holiday Online Workshop give-away! The randomly selected winner is Wendy aka Misswendiki who’s favorite projects from the workshop slide [...]