couple cuppies

I’ve got a few Cupcake Pincushions for you in my etsy shop! This is probably all I’ll have time to make this season so if you’ve been waiting for a re-stock, the time is now! :)

matte vs. glossy

Oh, Hello! Yes, I am here, back home, back in my little nest. I returned Sunday from Silver Bella in Omaha, my last trip of 2010. I can’t believe a whole week has passed since my last post [...]

nest is best

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m preparing for the Silver Bella art event in Omaha this week. I feel like I’ve hardly unpacked my suitcase from my quilt market adventure! As much [...]

here we go again

I’m in the thick of it again…packing kits for my upcoming workshops at Silver Bella! (My studio looks like a felted wool bomb exploded in it so I am keeping the photos here tightly [...]

home and happy

Hello! I got back from my whirlwind trip to Houston just in time for Halloween with the kids then promptly settled into a head cold. Snarf! I was so busy with my back-to-back meetings I hardly [...]