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Here we are near the end of October, having arrived at the week that has been a focal point for months. All of the work my husband and I have done to get ready for International Quilt Market has been broken down, wrapped up and packed into our van. Houston or Bust!

The show samples are finished, gathered and boxed. The patterns are printed and stuffed…

The booth walls, signage, furniture, tools, equipment and everything else actually FIT (thank goodness) into the van with room for the driver (thank you, Honey!) and his suitcase. He’s on the road now and I will be flying to Houston later this week to meet him and set it all up! It feels good to be ready. It also feels like we are standing on a ledge, about to JUMP! Exciting. Nerve-wracking. And a little crazy.

Speaking of crazy…check out the CHAIRS! I’ll share better shots later after the booth is assembled. They have come a long way since the *before* shot, haven’t they? They are imperfectly perfect and I love them!

Thank you for all of your enthusiasm about last weeks’ reveal of Wildlife with Love! I’m thrilled with the reaction so far and I hope to find the same level of interest at market. I think when you create something with passion it shows and people respond positively to that. Just like when you make anything with love and attention…a quilt, a scarf, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…it shows that you cared enough to make it and make it well.

And with that I am off to pack my suitcase and fill the house with groceries before I leave! Have a great week and I will see you on the other side! :)

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  • clare's craftroom

    Travel safely and have fun !

  • Glue and Glitter

    Those chairs came out great! I love the colors and the fabrics you used. Have a great time at Quilt Market!

  • Bea García

    Have fun at QM! The chairs are fabulous… safe travels!

  • Jan | Daisy Janie

    So excited for this next chapter in the Betz White book (harhar)! Passion is where it’s at! Your chairs look so groovy tunes!!!! Watch your booth neighbor doesn’t put them in her crate when you’re not looking!

  • Tumus

    The chairs came out awesome! Have fun at market and good luck! Don’t wear yourself too thin :)

  • Charis

    The chairs look awesome Betz!

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