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Hello! I finally finished the Washington Square Cardigan from Metropolitan Knits that I started this summer. I’m really happy with how it turned out, despite the blasé look on my face. I’m really jumping up and down inside! :)

This sweater held a lot of “firsts” for me: following a chart, knitting a button band and button holes, a tubular cast off for the collar, plus a little fudging to make up for a not-quite-perfect gauge. It’s by no means perfect but it was a great learning experience and I do love this style. And this baby is WARM. Just what I needed.

The jury is still out on the buttons. The designer used contrast buttons on her sample in the book, which I really liked. My buttons came from a thrifted sweater that I felted, so I just had them in my stash. If you want more details about my cardi, you can visit my Ravelry page. All in all, I recommend this sweater pattern! The instructions were very clear, I learned a ton and I will wear this sweater like crazy!

What are you knitting these days?

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  • Laura Nelkin

    Oh! I adore it on you! You go girl!!!! I just knit a POOF! : )!

  • Sher

    The sweater looks great! And I love to see that someone besides me is rockin’ pony tails (I’m often in two braids at my running group too)… Love it.

  • anne

    Awesome Betz! It looks beautiful!

  • Tracy Altieri

    I think that your cardigan is great! I am working on the Craftsy Top Down Icelandic Cardigan, and like you, there have been many firsts on this project. I am nearly done (save the steeking – the prospect of which terrifies me), and I’m eager to try more color-work!

  • Smily - Света

    It’s very stylish, especially the red buttons!

  • Jan | Daisy Janie

    You are so talented (and warm)! Cardigans rule, and I love the fit and color. Way to step out of your comfort zone on some of these firsts!

  • Debbie Qalballah

    I have so many knits on the go it’s not even funny anymore. Leg warmers, hats (several), shawls (two), some mitts, a cowl, a pair of socks and a blanket. Oh and a sweater for a bunny (felt, not real).

    Love this sweater, and I’m a fan of contrasting buttons!

  • Kristianna

    Great job! It looks fabulous on you!

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