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I’ve decided to take a little time out to sew for myself. A few posts ago I mentioned a long list of patterns and fabrics I had in mind, but when it came time to sew, I just wanted a baseball shirt! I settled on the Center Field Raglan T-shirt pattern by GreenStyle and I couldn’t be happier with the result! Happy, despite the fact that when the photo below was taken I had just spent 2 hours shop vacuuming our flooded basement! (hence the cropped out face and hair…) So much rain here!


I made the size Small with long sleeves and a straight hem. The pattern comes with a scoop neck variation as well as a curved hem option. The sleeves can be made short, 3/4 length, or long with an elbow patch option. Lots of options! I couldn’t stop at one so I made another in size Medium for a slightly more relaxed fit with short sleeves and a curved hem. (You can get a peek of it from the selfie I posted on Instagram.)

walkingfoot doubleneedle

I forgot how easy it is to sew with knits! It does help though to have a few secret weapons. Ok, they’re totally not secret but using them will make you feel like a knit ninja! For the regular seams, I just used a regular machine foot, a stretch stitch and ballpoint needle (better for knits than a universal needle). For the hems, the only real “tricky part”, I used my walking foot and a double needle. I learned about this from this post from Made by Rae.


Mmmm, look at those pretty hems! And not a ripple in sight. Remember, the iron is your friend, too. I made my shirt out of Alabama Chanin medium weight jersey. It doesn’t have a lot of stretch (about 25%) so it’s quite stable to sew with. If you do use a knit with low stretch, I suggest going up a size.

centerfield shirt2

Ok, here’s the part I obsessed over…the neckline! It came together without a hitch, but it needed some stitching to really make it look finished. I opted for the double needle and straddled the neckline seam. I mocked up a partial neckline from scraps and practiced first to make sure I was going to like it, and I do!

I can’t get over how quickly and easily these tops came together. Seriously, cut 5 pieces, sew 8 seams and 3 hems…done! Now I’m scouring the internet for knit fabrics so I can sew a whole wardrobe of summer tops. I’ve got a cute tunic to show you next week!


What do you sew for yourself? Are you a knit ninja?


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  • Sara

    Looks comfortable and practical. Nice job! I’ll have to check out that pattern!

  • Teresa

    Great job! They are darling!

  • Kate

    Thanks for posting about this pattern, I need a good raglan for me and for the walking foot tip, can’t believe I had not thought of that, I made a stack of basic t-shirts this week, but I might need to make a few more now.

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