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Patchwork Llama Sewalong with betz white

Yay! Today’s the day we begin the Patchwork Llama Pillow Sew-along! I’m excited to get started and I hope you are too. If you still need the pattern, you can hop on over to my shop and get yours now.

First order of business: prepare your materials. Aside from the pattern, here’s what you’ll need for this project

• ¼ yard of Wool in a variety of colors
• ¼ yard of Cotton in a variety of prints
• Thread
• Embroidery floss (optional)
• Yarn in an accent color
• Fiberfill
• Buttons for eyes (or felt if for a younger child)
• Rotary cutter and mat
• Ruler
• Straight Pins
• Embroidery needle


Patchwork Llama Sewalong with betz white

You can use a variety of wool fabrics such as wool felt, recycled wool from woven clothing or recycled wool from knit sweaters. I would suggest that the recycled wool be fairly thin, such a suiting fabric or a fine gauge sweater that has been felted. Anything thicker than a few millimeters will create bulky seam allowances and not play nicely with the thinner quilting cotton fabrics.

If you ordered a wool stack from my shop, you’ll have plenty of wool for this project with scraps to spare. It’s a really nice weight of melton wool (woven) that works great for patchwork!

For this sew-along I will be using Dutch Treat quilting cotton in combination with the wool solids. The original llama is made with my Juxtaposey collection. (Both collections can be found in my shop as stacks of Fat 16ths). There’s no need to prewash your fabric for this project but if you’d like to that’s fine. The finished pillow is not intended to be washed. I would love to see a Patchwork Llama made with some fun vintage linens or even outgrown kids clothing. How sweet would that be?


Patchwork Llama Sewalong with betz white

Cut the Squares
You’re going to cut 80 2 1/2” squares, 40 will be wool and 40 will be cotton to create the checker board effect. First I cut a 2 1/2” wide strip using a rotary cutter, ruler and mat (quilting cotton shown above).


Patchwork Llama Sewalong with betz white

Then I rotate the strip and cut it into 2 ½” squares, as shown in wool, above. Cut strips and squares in various prints and colors until you have 40 of each. 20 will be used for the front of your llama and 20 for the back.


Patchwork Llama Sewalong with betz white

Cut Side Strip
Next you’ll need to cut the 2″ wide side strip piece out of the wool. If you purchased a wool stack from me, this will be cut from he Fat 1/8th. You’ll be able to cut 3 strips, 22″ each, from the width of your piece. If  you have wider fabric, cut these strips as long as you can. You’ll need them to equal 62″ in total. Set these aside for Day 2 of the Sew-along and use the remainder of the Fat 8th for the ears and tail.

Cut Ears and Tail
Go ahead and print out your pattern templates at 100%, no scaling, on letter sized paper. Cut out the ear and tail with paper scissors on the black line (Set aside the rest of the templates for Day 2). You’ll cut 2 ears and 1 tail each from the wool and the cotton. I used that same print for both the ears and tail but you can make them all different depending on your scraps.

Ok! That’s it for Day 1! I’d love to see what materials you’re thinking of using and please do let me know if you have any questions about today’s post! You can ask here in the comments of on the School of Wool Facebook group. Also, be sure to use the tag #betzwhitellamalong on Instagram to share your progress.

Come back for Day 2: Sewing Patchwork on Wednesday March 14th.



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