Name Betz White
Nickname: BWhite
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Biography: Designer, author, felt & fabric artist and creator of sewing projects for you and your family. Betz on Google+ | Twitter

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mama bird

There she is…sweet mama blue bird! This was my first attempt at needle felting an animal. I followed the tutorial previously referenced in the “little nest” post. I photographed ...

little nest

I’m working on a little needle felted nest as a birthday gift for my mom. Three little eggs, one to represent each of her “babies”. When I asked my 4 yr old “baby” ...

Refashioning Sweaters – Part 2

Ok, let’s continue our refashioning discussion, shall we? After diligently following my instructions in Part 1 (or perhaps leaving your laundry in the hands of a certain someone who shrunk ...

Refashioning Sweaters – Part 1

If you haven’t already noticed, I am passionate about wool and it’s amazing ability to transform into beautiful and versatile fabrics. Whether it’s felted (fibers bonded together ...

Pin-apple Pincushion

For those of you interested in making pincushions, check out The Pincushion Challenge. Every month they will have a new theme to be inspired by. May’s theme is “fruit”. The site ...


(aka: Prototype Dinosaur) I have two sons at home. Sometimes we refer to them lovingly as The Small Ones. This stuffed dinosaur belongs to The Smallest of the Small Ones, he’s 4. His name is ...