Dutch Treat Fabric Collection by Betz White

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Dutch Treat - Fabric Collection by Betz White

Dutch Treat is inspired by the Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs adorning barns in rural Pennsylvania. I love the flat color, simple shapes and symbolism of good fortune behind these welcoming decorations. Dutch Treat combines the traditional motifs of the “Distelfink” bird, tulips, hearts and circles with modern elements resulting in a folky, quirky, updated collection.

Pillows in Betz White Mod Max fabric
Mod Max - Fabric by Betz White

Mod Max: It’s big, it’s bold and it’s so much fun. Each print is a single element in a single color blown up HUGE like a graphic interpretation of macro-photography.

Mod Max and other designs by Betz White can be purchased on Spoonflower

Stitch Orgnaic Fabric by Betz White

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Stitch was inspired by all types of stitchers and the beautiful handiwork created by them. My Grandmother’s knitting, my Dad’s needlepoint, my Mom’s sewing…all of the needlework that’s ever been a part of my life influenced this group. Stitches and textures from crochet, embroidery and crewelwork and more are interpreted as bold and graphic motifs.

Limited quantities available in my shop.

Betz White Family Cottage Collage
Betz White Family Cottage Organic Fabric
Betz White Family Cottage Organic Fabric

I believe there’s a place in everyone’s life, real or imagined, in your mind or in your heart, in your backyard or far far away, where you are truly yourself. Not defined by what you do or to whom you belong, but by the person you have always been deep down at the core. The authentic you of your childhood, when long summer days stretched on forever. When time stood still and there was nowhere to be but right where you were. Fun and joy and life just happened.

For me that feeling, that place, is what inspired my debut collection, “Family Cottage”. Natural elements and a palette of sun washed colors are reminiscent of warm afternoons and cool evenings spent lakeside at a cottage up north.

Limited quantities available in my shop.

Indian Summer Fabric by Betz White

Autumn. The sky shifts, the air becomes crisp, the leaves burst with color. Familiar landscapes are cast in new light. Everything feels refreshed. Inspired by the season, I’ve recast the colors of my Family Cottage collection in a rich palette of Indian Summer. Brilliant Goldenrod, Bittersweet, Orchid and Moss are grounded by Mulberry, Peacock and Chocolate Brown.

Limited quantities available in my shop.

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