On Top of the World

Last week my husband and oldest son experienced a trip of a lifetime. They spent 10 days backpacking over 75 miles with 40 pound packs at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. That’s my son [...]

Passion and persistence

  My younger son is passionate kid. When he gets a vision for a project, he is driven to see it through. If you’ve been a regular reader over the years you’ve seen his over-the-top birthday [...]

food and family

Crystal Palace Mini Mochi 2 – color stripe socks Yesterday, Thanksgiving, was the first day that I didn’t work AT ALL since…maybe August? Boy, was that nice. Good food, family, [...]

Halloweens past

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is almost here…again! It’s a popular and busy time of year for us, as we are very much a DIY costume family. Recently the boys were [...]

rest, relax, reset

This past Thursday I turned in my manuscript for the book that I’ve been working on for the past too-many months. Yippee! In honor of that immense accomplishment, we left for a 4 day [...]

to the lake and back

We’ve just returned from our annual vacation in New Hampshire. We had a beautiful hot week of sun, water, sand, blueberries, family, and more. There’s nothing better than to see your [...]

look up!

After a hugely busy few weeks both with work and family obligations, this week feels like a breath of fresh air. The deadlines and responsibilities are still ever-present but I am making time for [...]

change of scenery

pelican greeting us on the causeway to Sanibel Island a cold windy morning on the beach an egret outside the Dairy Queen ‘gator in the nature preserve sunning himself lush mangrove swamp [...]

the lion slayer

One afternoon, a few years ago when I was writing my second book, Sewing Green, I asked my boys to please play quietly. I had a big deadline coming up and I needed to concentrate on my work. [...]