Creative Cross-training

  Last September I wrote here about reigniting my passion for knitting with my hand operated knitting machine, Matilda. Since then I’ve launched a webshop, Betz White Studio Knits, with [...]

on the needles

I always have a pair of socks on my needles. Best grab-and-go knitting project ever! And now that it’s starting to get chilly I’m extra motivated to crank out a few more pairs of wool [...]

pom poms = more fun!

I often post here about my sock knitting, which usually involves combining fun yarn with a basic sock pattern. I wear wool socks all winter long and into the early spring. But what about now? [...]

winter sock knitting

Since I finished my sweater and my Christmas knitting, I haven’t posted anything about my knitting. For me winter means wool socks and I’m knitting as many pairs as possible. Granted, [...]

knitting for nieces

Every Christmas I try to make a few hand knit gifts. Since my boys don’t care for hand knitted items I opt to knit for my 3 nieces. (Once I knit a gorgeous top down roll neck sweater for my [...]

summer knitting

Now that the pool is open and my boys have joined swim team, I’m going to need a beach bag full of knitting projects to keep myself busy poolside. Hooray for summer knitting! But what to [...]