Pleated Pillow Trio

Pleated Pillow Trio Sewing Pattern

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Create a beautiful set of three pillows with dimensional detail using pre-cut strips. Folding, pleating and tucking techniques create unique textures to dress up your home décor.

Skill Level: Eager Intermediate

You have taken a few sewing classes or have sewn from a sewing pattern before. You’ve completed several projects and are eager to try new techniques.

Printed pattern Details: This pattern is available in printed form at retailers near you.

Digital Pattern Details: The 11-page printable PDF instructions include color photographs, detailed diagrams, glossary and all the assembly directions you’ll need to make the Pleated Pillow Trio.

Finished Pillow Measurements
Square: 14 ½” x 14 ½”
Rectangular: 11 ½” x 15 ½”
Round: 15 ½”

Materials you will need to make this pattern:

Pillow Sizes and Materials
Square Pillow: 14½” x 14½”
Materials:16” pillow form (this will make a plump pillow)
(14) 2” x 34” wide quilting cotton strips
½ yd quilting cotton for background fabric
1 yd woven cotton fusible interfacing
Coordinating thread

Rectangular Pillow: 11½” x 15½”
Materials:12½” x 16½” pillow form
(14) 2” x 12” fabric strips
½ yd background fabric
1 ½ yd woven cotton fusible interfacing
Embroidery floss
Coordinating thread

Round Pillow: 15½”
Materials Needed:(2) 2¼ x width of fabric A
(2) 2¼ x width of fabric B
(1) 2¼ x width of fabric C
(1) 2¼ x width of fabric D
½ yd background fabric
1 ½ yd woven cotton fusible interfacing
(2) 1½ half ball covered buttons
Doll or Upholstery needle
Coordinating thread

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