Sewing Green Flickr Group

1. lounge pants, 2. Bottle Holder for Claire, 3. skirt , 4. Produce bags from Betz White’s book Sewing Green, 5. A quickie birthday gift, 6. water bottle sling from Sewing Green, 7. sewing [...]

the hot seat

After a rainy start to summer, things are heating up around here. All it takes is a searing hot car seat to remind me to break out the Auto Sunshade I made from my book Sewing Green. It’s [...]

packing bags

This morning I headed out to the post office to ship some orders. I used my roomie Beach Bag from Sewing Green to corral all of my packages. It’s made from a set of 4 placemats I found at [...]

green and serene

My editor, Melanie Falick, has posted a few alternate cover concepts for Sewing Green over on her blog. Don’t you wish your sewing space was al fresco, such as this one? Complete with a [...]

Show off!

I would like to personally invite you to join my newly set up Sewing Green Flickr Group! Come on over and join the fun. Just give a little click on the icon you see over there in the sidebar [...]

more than I can say

Ok, forget what I said yesterday about things being calm. There I was feeling like a little pan simmering on the stove, busily steaming away at my tasks when the fire suddenly got Cranked. Up. [...]