wrapping up

As I wrap up an amazing and surprising (and uprooting!) 2007, here’s a quick reminder that the cyber book launch cupcake give-away ends at 11:59 pm EST New Years Eve. See my earlier post [...]

fresh out of babies

Tonight I put a 5 year old to bed. Tomorrow he wakes up 6. My youngest. My ‘nilla puddin’. I look at this early photo and I swear I can smell that sweet baby head. He is still a [...]

jack horner pie

Here we are on the other side of Christmas…hope yours was very merry! I loved tucking the boys in on Christmas Eve. They got their pajamas on early and wanted to “get to it”, [...]


Happy friday before Christmas! Busy like elves, all of us….just a few newsworthy mentions for you today before I’m off to do some long neglected house cleaning before guests [...]

peas, please.

Anyone remember my Christmas Peas from last year? I decided to make them for quick teacher gifts this year, so I pulled out the felt balls and felted sweater scraps. (Mind you, pulling out those [...]

do you believe?

Yesterday Blair posted about a conversation at her house regarding Santa and his existence. I thought I’d share a quick story about the discussion with my crew, ages 5 and 8. Each year the [...]

not the early bird

Did you ever have a project that you’d been meaning to do for like, EVER, and after you stood on your head and held your breath and the planets aligned and it finally came together you were [...]

did ya know?

I’m giddy. The little button on the Amazon listing for my book has changed from “pre-order” to “add to shopping cart”! Big news indeed! (I feel like Steve Martin in [...]

8 on the 8th

My first baby, born eight whole years ago today. You made your way into the world on a cold wintery night in Wisconsin. At 2 am, your dad and I negotiated our way to the car to head for the [...]