little nest

I’m working on a little needle felted nest as a birthday gift for my mom. Three little eggs, one to represent each of her “babies”. When I asked my 4 yr old “baby” [...]

Pin-apple Pincushion

For those of you interested in making pincushions, check out The Pincushion Challenge. Every month they will have a new theme to be inspired by. May’s theme is “fruit”. The site [...]


(aka: Prototype Dinosaur) I have two sons at home. Sometimes we refer to them lovingly as The Small Ones. This stuffed dinosaur belongs to The Smallest of the Small Ones, he’s 4. His name [...]

Old Friends

I want you to meet two of my oldest friends. Bunny Rabbit and Llama Mama. Both sit on a shelf in my studio reminding me of my childhood and how much a simple little “lovey” can mean [...]

My Stash

This may be a little early in our blog relationship to reveal something like this….but what the heck. Observe the stash. OK, well, this is just a partial peek…let’s take it [...]

Shibori Felting

This wacky little pillow was created using the Shibori Felting technique, combined with a little needle felting. Shibori is a term for traditional Japanese resistance dye techniques. Similar [...]

Welcome to my new blog!

Along with my latest site update, I have added a blog to my site! For my first post I’d like to introduce my latest creation: the Cup O’ Joe Pincushion. Companion to my original [...]