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One of my favorite things to use as an embellishment is felted iCord. It felts up beautifully and has a lot of versatile applications. It is typically knit painstakingly on double pointed needles or on a knitting spool with a crochet hook. I have a handy tool that makes it go MUCH faster and it’s fun to do.

(Don’t you think it looks hip when I write it like “iCord” instead of “I-cord”, the old fashioned way?)

This is a Magicord Knitter by Bond America. I’m not sure if they still make this model, but they sell sparkly pink and purple variations apparently marketed towards the teen craft market. Once you get it all threaded up, it’s pretty easy to use…just crank away! I use a Harrisville Shetland wool yarn. It’s thin enough to work well in the knitter and felts great.

Knit until you heart’s content…then knit about 30% more to accommodate for shrinkage. Cast off and put the cord in a lingerie bag. Wash it in the washing machine on hot with a little detergent and dry in the dryer. It really has a dense fuzzy look when it comes out.

Since it won’t unravel when cut, the iCord can be used for all kinds of embellishment. Tassles, fringe, purse handles, edge binding, etc. I use it for the handle of my Cup O’ Joe pincushions.

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