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New item in the works: Juxtaposies! A garden of flower brooches…a collage of felt, fabric and recycled wool.

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  • Anabel

    Ah!I´m in love!!! So beautiful!!!
    (and good picture)

  • Karin

    Very neat, I loved them!

  • Kris Sayre

    Beautiful! Your neice Alice made me a felty flower brooch last year. It’s different from yours, but you should see it in case it further inspires you. Remind me next time we are together and I’ll show it to you.

  • Mia

    Th4y are delicious! Love your blog,come and visit mine when you have time.

  • Christy Sayre

    Hey, I love these, and I also love the play on words. Can Olive have one for her hair? She’s Juxtablondie.

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