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Fellow blogger Cristina recently posted about a great button shop in San Francisco. I’ve got nothing like that here in Mad City WI, so I offered up a swap. She expressed interest in making a cutie-pie but didn’t have the balls. Ok, that sounded weird…she seems plenty gutsy to me. Anyway, she needed some felt balls to make a cutie pie, so we swapped buttons for felty balls, got it?

Look how yummy those vintage buttons are. Mmmmm! I have been making brooches lately and really wanted some buttons to accent them. In fact, look for a tutorial on felt brooches coming up this week.

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  • cristina

    EEeeekkkk Yay!!
    Yay…for liking the buttons and thinking something cool to do with them.
    Yay….for your sweet photo…
    Yay for giving me balls…(haa haa!!! I could use them for other things besides cutie pies…like telling my boss off and sky diving!)

  • shula

    all of them good enough to eat.

  • cruststation

    LOL she didn’t have the balls? :) Love the vintage buttons, can’t wait for the brooches tutorial.

  • Christy

    Nice balls!

    Pretty buttons!

    Cute dish!

    Funny post!

  • Spindle

    Love that picture. Yum.

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