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I noticed it, and so did Heather. Little painted wooden baby stuff is posting all over Blogville. I don’t know if there is a name for this style of cuteness, but I love it.

These little nursery rhyme friends are from my actual baby mobile. I had planned on using it for my babies, but when I saw the “dangerous-by-today’s-standards” contraption they were hanging from, I changed my mind.

Dish gleefully running away with Spoon

Cow going for the high jump record over Moon

Hootenanny Cat reaching for his fiddle

Thanks to Heather and Hillary for reminding me about my cast of characters.

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  • Chicken Betty

    Oh Betz! I have the same mobile! I was concerned about safety issues as well when I has mt two girls but i wanted it to be oart of their room so I hung it a little higher, just over their door. I also have a Hansel & Gretl lamp that matches. There must have been a whole fairy-tale theme for baby’s room the year they made all that stuff. :)

  • cruststation

    They are adorable for adults, I would have them in my room :) Love wooden decorations, I used to have some tradtional Christmas tree ones.

  • lisa sp

    Betz, I have lots of them too. the wooden ones are made by Irmi. I took the handle off the mobile and hung the twirling part from the ceiling on a little hook. My three year old had a room full of them. They are so wonderful.

  • Heather Bailey

    Betz, those are fantastic! What a treasure – and an heirloom, no less? You’re a lucky lady.

  • Sarah and Jack

    These are so cute! I use the lamps with those wooden characters in my son’s room. (I think he currently has Humpty Dumpty in there.)

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