In Felt Tutorial

(that almost sounds like a headline from a tabloid newspaper…)

What’s this? Did one of my cashmere bunnies bring me an Easter egg? No, I just needle felted a little wool roving around a styrofoam egg…

Super cinchy, no tutorial needed! Wrap a layer of wool roving around a styrofoam egg. The egg will give you a nice uniform shape and you’ll use less roving than if you felted the whole thing out of wool. I used the Clover tool (see bunny post) to felt the roving on to the styrofoam. Add some spots or stripes by laying down other colors on top and needle felting into place.

You’ll be seeing more of these just as soon as I wrestle this dang manuscript to the mat. Deadline next week!

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  • Mama Urchin

    That’s a great idea about the styrofoam. I’ll be trying it soon.

  • sunshine

    Very cute I might make some warm and fuzzy eggs too

  • Bee

    Oh lovely, perfect with the bunnies. I must try this. Thanks


    thank you very much for the eggs and the bunnies!!In Italy a lot of girls made your bunnies!!

  • iralamija

    ooohhhh This are so beautiful!!!! loove your creations!!!!

    Bety :)

  • Estercity

    I Love your blog.
    I put one of your tutorials in mi blog.

  • evashouse

    Really looooovely! A good idea for easter time ;)

  • suzanara

    great idea using the styrofoam!

  • Tiffie

    Love it! gonna try bring it to my group.

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