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…a tutorial in the making.

Can you tell what it will be? Let me know, ‘cuz I haven’t figured it out yet. I’ve been doodling sweet somethings for Easter. Look for the tutorial to the mystery project later this week. The stack of papers under my supplies is actually the manuscript I’m supposed to be working on. (“working on” meaning writing it, not as in “using as a work surface”!)

Have a great week!

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  • Jenn Maruska

    Well – I already love the colors, no matter what they become : )

    Can’t wait to see what you create!


  • kristina

    Those colors make me happy. :) Can’t wait to see what you are creating! Have a great week!! :)

  • sarah

    Whatever it turns out to be, it looks like fun!

  • ArtsyMama

    Can’t wait to see it! LOVE those colors:)

  • Helene

    Looks very exciting, please hurry up and tell us ;-)

  • cristina

    i spy some vintage buttons:)
    i love all the colors…i dont care what the tutotial will be as long as it promises to ward off the rainy winter (or snowy in your case!).

  • melissa deakin

    i just love your blog so much.
    now, if only i knew how to say.
    nonetheless, i am really excited about the new tutorial!

  • Isobel

    needle felted eggs?

  • gray la gran

    that looks like one of those clover needle felter thingies! how do you like it?

  • cruststation

    The materials look beautiful, can’t wait to see what you do with it. Looking forward to the new tutorial.

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