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Meet “Tubey” a sweater design I just finished from Knitty.com

I finally managed to get this sweater off my needles after 18 months of knitting spurts! (I think I need to tackle smaller projects…) I substituted an inexpensive wool yarn for the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino the pattern called for. That may have proved to be a mistake…but I was feeling cheap and I really didn’t like the colors available at the time. It’s just a weensy bit itchy…d’oh!

It’s funny, last year when I was plodding away at this Susan just happened to blog about her tubey experience. (do I mention Susan in every other post? do I? Well, she’s a keeper, i can’t help myself) Tubey is a fun construction but does have a few fit challenges. It’s like a tube top and a shrug combined. I ended up closing in the neckline a little for a smidge more east-west coverage. I haven’t actually worn it yet, so I’ll have to report back on the comfort factor. I also should’ve researched that little trick for knitting stripes in the round. There’s some little something that you do so you don’t get that step effect when you change your stripe colors. You knitters know it, don’t you? Not me, I just dove on in and started knittin’. (hence, the step effect…)

Speaking of diving on in, take a gander over thar in the right hand side bar. Lookit! I started a Flickr Pool for Warm Fuzzies show and tell! I’m a Flickr ludite, so this is really big for me. I was determined, however, because people are starting to make projects from the book and I thought it’s be great fun to have a place to share them with others. As an added bonus Flickr has a discussion area for sharing tips and asking questions. I am really excited about that, because I wanted a “live” way to handle Q&A about the book and that’s just the place.

So, the pool’s open! Come on in, the water’s fine! Ask away, post your pics, everyone is welcome!

***BTW, shop update tomorrow, January 7th! Lotsa cupcake pincushions!***

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  • soapchix

    I haven’t thought of tube tops since I wore one when I was 8 and rebellious.

    I like the idea of putting sleeves on it and calling it a type of sweater! I’m not a real knitter, so I didn’t notice any steps, but I do love the color of the stripes!

    I was reminiscing on my blog about eating Jaynie’s Cakes at the Country Living Fair last year–did you manage to slip away and eat any?


  • Blogging Molly

    Well I’m impressed, she makes sweaters too! And here I thought you were just an expert at cutting them up. Perfect timing for your flickr pool – I just posted the pincushion you inspired me to make. I will upload it to your pool right now. Thanks!

  • Susan

    Betz, You aren’t going to believe this but I pulled my tubey out my big sweater chest yesterday and lo and behold here you are posting about it. I was looking for more rainbow stuff, my new/old obsession.
    You’ll have to let me know how your tubey fits. I hope it is fine on you. Maybe I just made the wrong size to get that armpit pinch. I have never worn mine but I can’t seem to rip it out either. I love the colors you used and it is a super easy sweater to knit.
    Keep me posted!

  • PumpkinGirl

    Yay for the Flickr pool (runs over there to post robot sweater vest…)!

  • Julie

    I am excited for your cupcake pin cushions. I’ve gotta have one. Love the sweater. It’s beautiful. Thanks for the felting advise. I tried it! I went to a thrift store and grabbed a few sweaters to experiment on. Two out of the 3 worked!

  • Inspired Tokens

    Love the sweater, what a clever idea. Love the neckline as well.

  • Dawn Elizableth

    Cute sweater and I didn’t notice the knitting in the round glitch, until you mentioned it!

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