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Hey Warm Fuzzies friends…have you visited the Flickr pool lately? Here is a small selection of wonderful projects made by YOU! Oh yes, there’s more to it than just the cutest cupcakes ever, felt fans. We got hats and mittens and vests…etc!

1. bailey cup, 2. Felted Robot Vest, 3. Recycled Sweaters!, 4. Warm n Fuzzies 001, 5. cupcakes, 6. Cupcake Pincushion, 7. Untitled, 8. Cupcake Pin cushion, 9. Felt Heart Scarf

Just click on the pink icon in the right hand blog sidebar to check out these and other projects. I am also using the “Discussion” area of the group to handle Frequently Asked Questions from the book. Got a question? Post it there! I check it daily and would love to help you out. Really. I check it every day. Sometimes more than once. Just sayin’.

Oh, and btw, I hope to have a new easter-ish tutorial really soon! Easter is early this year and I’m trying my best despite germy kids and looming deadlines and cloudy-no-good-for-photos days!


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  • Janice

    Are you taking suggestions for your next book? I’d really like to see some dolls made with wool felt.

    Maybe the bodies need to be cloth, and the clothes felted…..maybe something from another culture, and the whole thing felted…..more primitive not cute. O.K. if I come up with an idea I’ll let you know, but it is something that I’d like to see made with some of my old sweaters!

  • Marcia

    Oh, I love tutorials. Thanks

    You’re right, there are some very creative people out there you have inspired.

  • Sonia M.

    Hi, Betz. Your work is amazing. Congratulacions :)



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