I dug out my “baby book” to find these old and rather faded Easter photos from 1967. Yes, that’s little betsy-boop (um, me) in the footie pjs on Easter morning. I love everything about this photo. The BEST Easter basket ever (It’s still around somewhere…) the doggie pull toy, my crazy bed-head hair and especially the little wicker purse I told you about.

Here’s my brothers and I later that morning, all jazzed up on sugar and ready to sit still in church. What a dapper crew. (I have trouble believing that stuffed doll on the left is me, but who am I to doubt my mother’s documentation in my own baby book?) But the purse! The purse! I bet my little white gloves were in there. πŸ™‚

Happy Spring and Happy Easter! Here’s to a weekend full of chocolate, bed-head and fabulous accessories!