Super Foam-erator

In my quest for summer activities to entertain the boys I started reminiscing about a foam making toy I had as a kid. It was sort of shaped like a big plastic lolly pop with terry cloth on one [...]

balancing summer

I’m spending the mornings with this… …doing edits on Sewing Green. And if Mom gets her work done… We spend the afternoon doing something like this! a visit to the nearby [...]

my refashioned life

Today I am looking back one year. Today is not a birthday, or even an anniversary…not exactly. Last year at this time I left the boys with a dear friend and flew to Maryland for the first [...]

Sponge Balls!

Here’s a quick tutorial for a fun summer craft to keep you cool! Sponge balls are a great alternative to water balloons and they make a satisfying SPLAT when you hit your target! (This is [...]


Sayre Family Portrait, 1970 my dad’s a classic…here are a few definitions (via of the word to illustrate my point:1. of the first or highest quality, class, or rank 2. [...]

psst…new cuppys

Just a quick mention…I posted a few new Cupcake Pincushions in the shop today. I love this background fabric, by the way…so summertime! And so is our weather right now, HOT HOT HOT!

talkin trash

This week I sent off a small selection of my work to the John Michael Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan Wisconsin as part of an upcoming DIY exhibit. I was invited to be a Connecting Communities [...]

all over the place

Wow the week is whizzing by, Thursday already? I don’t have a whole lot to show for it, either. Lots of loose-end wrapping-up. That time of year I guess. I better get on those teacher gifts [...]