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Wow the week is whizzing by, Thursday already? I don’t have a whole lot to show for it, either. Lots of loose-end wrapping-up. That time of year I guess. I better get on those teacher gifts and fast.

Here’s a new little project I need like a hole in my head. Last time we were garage sale-ing I found this little beauty. I know, she’s a wreck. And by showing you the “before”, I’m setting myself up for an “after” someday, aren’t I? I think I bought her (two bucks!) because I like the color…which is ridiculous because I will obviously need to strip the paint off!

I had a little preview today of what it’ll be like to have the kids underfoot this summer. For some crazy reason school was canceled TODAY due to a big storm that blew through here YESTERDAY. Who knows, maybe the school is without power. I was aware our county canceled school for a snow flake, but today is a gorgeous summer day…

Anyway, back to the kids underfoot. I think I need an attitude adjustment. I’m happy and thankful to have them around, of course, but I think I need a lowering of expectations (the ones I set for myself)…and I’m talking loooow. How low can I go? I figure if I plan on getting nothing done, when I actually do accomplish something…I’ll be amazed! My main goal is to soak in summer with those little dudes. They keep biggering and biggering before my very eyes…

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  • Laura Zarrin

    I feel your pain. On what was supposed to be my last week to myself to get things down, my youngest is home with a fever…all week.

  • Mary

    I hear ya girlfriend! I’m in MD too and our ES’s ac is broken AGAIN! so my last day of alone time — GONE — they are getting out at noon! And next week my HS’ers have finals so they have half days all week! AAAK! surrounded when I should be getting a little ME time in before it become one endless summer of friends, eating, driving all over the county, and noise from sun up until way past sun down! boohoo. I will mourn my quite mornings.

  • Margaret

    There were 70 schools without power from the storm. Sending kids to school in a huge county is a very different experience. Hopefully once you get into a routine this summer you’ll have more time than you think you will.

  • Betz White

    Holy moly…Good point Margaret, about the huge county. I moved here from the Cow Poke! :)

  • Deanna

    LOVE the table. $2 — what a bargain! I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  • Inspired Tokens

    Love the $2 bargain table. Can’t wait to see what you do with this. I’m chuckling at setting your expectations low …I can totally relate to this one and I don’t have kids at home! Happy Weekend.

  • Diane


    She’s a beauty!! 2 bucks was a deal I would of bought it myself, very nice lines, can’t wait to see what you do with it……….. no pressure now ,no hurry …haha
    Take care,

  • blair

    I hear you B, I need one of those attitude adjustments too. I admit I dread the actual start of summer vacation a little each year, but it always turns out fun.

    Maybe they can help with the table
    : )

  • Cynthia

    Betz, I am working from home this summer with the help of my good friends, Mr. Wading Pool (on the screened porch right off the kitchen) and Mrs. Giant Box of Markers. I am pretty sure that Miss Popsicles-for-breakfast and her cousin Miss Go-Ahead-And-Wear-My-Good-Clothes-for Dressup will be coming by. We’ll see how that goes…

    Good luck-

  • ellie

    Oh I love your table and I think it is PERFECT the way it is..maybe a light sanding and a sealant to protect it’s patina…

    Love your cuppy’ cute

    your crafts are all so adorable.

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