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A few weeks ago I bought this adorable felt camera case on etsy. It’s made by Hine and her workmanship is impeccable! I had spied her artwork on Flickr a while back then ran across it again when I bought the They Might Be Giants 1-2-3’s DVD I mentioned. Hine did the stop motion animation for “The Secret Life of Six”video! How cool is that?

I “favorited” her esty shop and stalked it ever since until I could get my hands on one of her camera cases. She posts a few a week but they go fast! It’s no wonder, they are too cute.

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  • Sew Bettie

    Oh my gosh! That camera case is awesome. I’m going to have to start my own own stalking campaign to obtain one from her etsy shop…

  • Sew Bettie

    I love it! Too cute. I might try to snag one for myself.

  • Anne-Marie

    Wow, you’re right. It’s a super cute camera case. Congrats on your tenacity in getting one. =)

  • Dawn Elizableth

    So cute! I can see why they go quickly! Glad you finally got one!

  • ~wenhether~

    That’s one cool case! Love it!!!

  • Sara in WI

    I love it! Good etsy-eye, Betz!

  • Plays with Needles

    Me too! I own a camera case and a disc holder. Her work is beautiful…but I think I’m still more of a betzwhite junkie than a hine junkie…

  • Mendy at Modern Charm

    How clever!

  • RID

    So cute!!! Me encanta!!!!!!!

  • ReminisceHeirlooms

    Oh my goodness- this camera case is precious!

  • babelfish

    So cute, thanks for the intro!

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